10 years before enter in French Photographic Heritage

Collection, Franck Glenisson was discovered by Isabella

Blow who asked him to photograph the young Bristish

Aristocracy for Tatler UK.Later Peter Beard selected his

work for Wall For 2010 Edition.Museum of Art and

Design of New York unveiled Art cover of his first erotic

project,« Hadès » during François Sagat’s Masterclass

1 month before world Premiere of film at Purgatoire Gallery & National Center of

Modern Art Georges Pompidou during ASVOFF Festival.

2014: Art Director Prize ASVOFF BVLGARI for the first

fashion film using "real chronoly process », "Notre

Amour" or a lesbian love story during second world war

in Paris.

Today you can see Franck's photographs in L'Officiel, ELLE, OUT,Universal Music...